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Grain Thresher Machines

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Product Details

★ Product Description:

Wheat thresher combinations are special used for rice or wheat threshing. When the machine in operation, firstly put the crops into machine from feeder, and the crops will be rubbed, squeezed, collided and shaken by assembly of rack and screen mesh, then to make the grain separated from culm, then flowing out from the screen mesh. Finally, the culm will be thrown out by centrifugation of roller, and threshing is finished.

Grain Thresher Machines

1.simple structure, reliable operation.

2.assignments of good quality, each index has reached national relevant specification.

3.adaptable,can thresh wet wheat, also can thresh rice, corn and other grain. Multi-function operation.

4.the use of safe, convenient maintenance, occupy small place.

5.threshing dish with vice knife page, prolong service life of threshing dish

Grain Thresher Machines

★ Technical Parameters

Item/ parameter

Rice, wheat, soybean sheller machine


6-8 P Diesel engine or 2.2-3kw electric motor

Power speed

2800-- 3000 r/min

Spindle speed


Threshing clearance

Entrance clearance

Exit clearance

20-40 mm

5-10 mm


45model 300-500kg/h

50model 400-600kg/h

★ Why choose us?


Packing for the soybean grain rice wheat thresher:

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