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Tractor Potato Planter

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Tractor potato planter is a planter that grows massive seeds in an underground manner using a seeding system.

Tractor potato planter combined with tractor, it has the advantages of compact structure and good maneuverability. Using high quality raw materials, the machine has a longer service life.

Technical information:


Row Spacing(mm)

Planting Distance(mm)


Matched Power(HP)













1, potato planting machine

Potato planting machine is potato seeding, sweet potato planting machine, potato seeding machine is a kind of planting machine that uses the seeding system to be planted underground in an orderly manner. The potato planting machine can grow roots and other crops such as potatoes. The small tractor is used in combination, which integrates ditching, fertilizing, sowing and covering soil, and can complete fertilization and sowing operations at one time.

The current potato sowing is advanced technology using foreign potato (potato) planting machinery. It is matched with four-wheel tractors. It integrates ditching, fertilizing, sowing, covering soil and shock pressure, and can complete fertilization and sowing operations at one time. The potato planter is divided into a row and a two-row mode potato planter.

2, potato planting machine

Planting plants such as potatoes and potatoes. It is usually composed of a groove opener, a seed potato box, a potato removal device, a soil coverr, and a transmission device. The seed used for planting may be whole potato or a potato cut with at least one bud.

Commonly used potato-discharging devices include clip type, needle-punched type, chain spoon type and conveyor belt type. The clip-type and needle-punched potato-discharging devices are arranged on a vertical row of potato chips, equidistantly arranged in a circle. Potato clip or acupuncture device.

3, 2CM-2 potato planter

2CM-2 potato planting machine introduces the advanced technology of foreign potato machinery, double-layer can cover film, improve crop quality and yield, 2CM-2 potato planter has rack, seed box, fertilizer box, guide round tube, open Ditch plough, soil plow, three-point suspension behind the tractor, ground wheel, spray can, laminating roller and other parts.

Before the tractor drives the work, first put down the rear suspension, adjust the height of the machine, and adjust the distance between the two trenches according to the planting process requirements. Fasten the rack bolts. The adjustment of the planting depth is achieved by adjusting the tractor's three-point suspension central tie rod.

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