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1 Row Potato Planter

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Commonly used potato-discharging devices include clip type, needle-punched type, chain spoon type and conveyor belt type. The clip-on and needle-punch potato-discharging devices are arranged on a vertical potato-disc tray with a number of potato chips or acupuncture devices arranged equidistantly (see figure). When the potato chips rotate, the potato chips or needles sequentially pick up or take a potato block from the discharge port of the seed box, and when the potato chips are turned to a certain position, the potato pieces are loosely discharged, and the potato chips are discharged. It falls into the seed groove dug by the opener and is then covered by the earth cover. The chain spoon type potato discharging device is arranged on a circular chain of vertical rotation, and a plurality of potato chips are arranged equidistantly. When the potato scoop moves upward with the chain, through the bottom of the seed box, the potato pieces are sequentially taken and raised to the highest position, that is, the chain moves downward in a vertical row of potato tubes. At this point, the potato pieces are poured out from the spoon, and they fall on the back of a potato dregs below, and continue to move downwards, and finally fall into the seed ditch, which is covered by the earth cover. The conveyor belt type potato discharging device uniformly discharges the potato pieces on a horizontal conveyor belt, and the end of the conveyor belt is discharged into the seed groove. The clip-type and acupuncture-type potato-discharging devices have good adaptability to the size of the potato tubers, and can plant whole potato or potato cuts, but the needle-punched potato-discharging device damages the potato tubers, and the needles are also easily deformed and damaged. The position of the potato clip in the clip-type potato device is above the horizontal diameter of the potato tray, and the seeding position is higher. When falling into the seed furrow, the plant spacing is often reduced due to the bounce shift, and the replanting rate and the planting are increased. rate. The chain spoon type potato removal device has no damage to the potato pieces, but has poor adaptability to the size of the potato pieces. It is only suitable for planting the whole potato which has been graded, and the rate of replanting is also high when the pieces are planted. The potato strips of the conveyor belt type potato discharging device have a high speed of delivery, and thus the production efficiency is high, but the plant spacing is poor, and some devices for evenly arranging the potato pieces on the conveyor belt are needed.


1.The 1 row potato harvester can efficiently and quickly complete the excavation of potatoes, separating the soil from the potatoes and laying them in strips.

2.The 1 raw potato harvesting machine adopts a hanging operation mode, and has excavation, separation and conveying device.Humanized design, aspect operation.

Technical information and price list:


Row Spacing(mm)

Planting Distance(mm)


Matched Power(HP)





















1. What about your the machine quality?

Our factory has 16 years experience in mechanical processing; all our machines already get ISO9001, SGS

certificate, CE certificate; already exported into many countries and areas; already got customer’s good reputation.

2. What about your the machine price?

Anytime we will make quality as factory life, no matter price is good or not for us. Quality is first, on the top quality basis, Sure you will get reasonable and satisfied price!

3.Can you send me the video to show how the machine work?

Certainly, we have made video of every machine and uploaded them by our chain address.Pls. contact with us, we will send you machine video.

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