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Corn Sheller

Corn Sheller
Large capacity corn sheller/corn thresher/ maize thresher machine on sale
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This model corn sheller and thresher machine is one of our popular selling corn processing machine, it designed with multifunctional function, to peel the corn outside skin and thresh corn kernal from the corn cob in a whole. farmers can use it deal with the corn directly after the corn dry, very convenient and save labor and time. and machine can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine or gasoline engine according to your needs.

Corn Sheller

 ★ The features of corn peeler

1.Labor can peel and thresh corn in a whole, save time and labor.

2.machine designed with wheels, can be moved any where it is needed.

3.This corn thresher can be supplied according to your needs, such as power choice (electric motor, diesel engine, tractor etc ), different color (red, blue, green etc).

Corn Sheller

★ Advantage of our machine

1.High efficiency and easy operation.

2.Low noise.

3.The 100% copper motor with Chinese international

★ Why choose us?


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