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Corn Sheller Machine

Corn Sheller Machine
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★ Small farm sheller multi-function corn peeling thresher machine

Small farm sheller multi-function corn peeling thresher machine combine the thresher and peeler.This machine mainly consists of a frame, a feeding hopper, a drum, and a discharge port. Can be used with the motor! This machine adopts thick steel plate, peeling and threshing for the left and right combination, and can also be used separately, which greatly reduces the handling weight. A machine with four functions, which can be peeled, blown, threshed, and ventilated, convenient and practical. After the peeling is finished, the triangle belt is changed to the threshing shaft, and the pellet can be threshed without changing the motor. It is labor-saving, labor-saving, convenient, low in energy consumption and high in work efficiency. It is not only an ideal labor tool for farmers to be freed from heavy labor, but also a good helper for agricultural workers to obtain economic income.

Corn Sheller Machine

Corn thresher machine is multifunction machine,it can thresh maize,soybean,millet,sorghum,etc.The machine can use electric and diesel engine as the power.

Corn thresher machine with high working efficiency and advance design,low broken rate.The machine with sift,so maize peeling and threshing machine can make the material cleanly. And the machine can peel the corn skin, then thresher the corn seeds from the corn cob.

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Corn Sheller Machine

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